Thank You 2009 Lighthouse Donors!

Individual Donors

Aase Aadland

Kirk * and Ros Adams

James and Sally Adams

Jim and Marilyn Adams

Marvin and Eloise Adams

Alexandra Adkins

Earl and Maryellen Adolphson Susan Aeschliman

Hayley Agers

Roma and Rajesh Agny

Verneil A. Aitken

Eugene and Audrey Alexy

Geraldine J. Allen

William and Ruth Allingham

Bernard and Marcia Altman

Chap and Eve Alvord

Merle J. Ammons

Katie and Arthur Anderson

Marilyn and Frank Anderson

Alfred and Betty Anderson

Della Anderson

Kermit and Danna Anderson Carolyn Anderson

Lauren Anderson

Norman and Gladys Anderson

Loren ** and Ann Anderson

Janice and Victor Anderson

Tom and Beverly Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Anderson

Carla and Keith Anderson

Skogland Kathy Anderson

Skogland Anthony Arias

Jorge* and Doris Aristizabal *

Kristina Armenakis

Linda Armstrong

Leonard Aron

William Arrigoni

Connie and Michael Arveson

Bob and Clodagh Ash

Hazel Askren

Dorothy K. Atkins

John Atkinson

Charles and Shirley Aukland

William and Anne Aulenbach

Heidi Aulenbach *

David Ayotte

Duane E. Babinski

Bruce and Claudia Bacon

Andy Bacon * and Deanna Isabell

Kenneth and Sydnie Bagdon

Berdine P. Bagger

Frank Bagley

V. Nadine Baker

Roy Baldridge

Nancy Baldwin

Leslie and Edie Balogh

Jerry Bamburg

Wayne I. Banta

Donna L. Barbatto

Ronald L. Barclay

Nancy and James Bardeen

Jean and Jeannette Bardon

Robert and Tina Barker

William Barnard and Elizabeth Corbett

William and Fumiko Barnes

Bruce J. Barnes

Nelly * and Steven Barnett

Doreen W. Barnett

Samiko Barns

Robert Barrowman

Darrel Barton

Scott Bass *

Betty V. Baudoin

Daniel and Bonnie Bauer

Robert and Laura Baugh

Bizualem Bayeh

James Beattie

Katherine Beck **

Darsie Beck

Joseph Becker

Jerry Becker

Steffen Benjamin Belisle *

William Benke

Bruce Bennett

Jeanne Q. Benoliel

Gerald and Maria Beppu

Sten and Pamela Berg

Elizabeth and Randal Bergerson

Shannon and Bryan Bergsteot

Celia Berk

Larry Berlin

Ronald E. Bernier

Donald L. Berscheid

Nancy Bezzo

Karen and Robert Bibb

Wayne Bishop

Robert H. Bizak

Donna G. Black

Ralph W. Blackett

Joye Blair Heidi

Blake Ian Blanch

Mary B. Blanchard

Roland and Stella Blanchette

Henry Blazon

Dennis J. Bloch

Michael Blome

Robert Blumenau

Allen and Susan Boeker

Barbara H. Boettcher

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Bogner

Mr. and Mrs. Bollinger

Nancy and Steven Bondi

Ryan Bondroff

Warren and Carolyn Booth

James and Marie Borgman

Patricia Borth

Marlene Bosler

Gertrude Both

Renee Boulac

Mary M. Bowen

Betty J. Bowes

Charlene Boyd

Robert Bozorth

Marsha A. Bradbury

Maria Bradford

Dr. Jack H. Brandon

Adeline Brandt

Dixie L. Brannon

Terry Breckner

Marjorie A. Breitenbach

Tracy Breitenfeldt

Keri * and David Brent

Herb Bridge **

Jon and Bobbe Bridge

Ted Bridge

Audrey M. Bridgham

Gregory Brigance

Scott Brookhouse

Marc Brower

Dudley Brown

Tom Brown

Rick Brown

Nancy L. Brown

Rebecca A. Brown

Rose Brown

A. Christine Brown

Alvin Brown

Beverly Browning

Ben and Virginia Brynildsen

Sue Ann Bube

Percy Buchanan

Dr. Michael J. Buckley

Lawrence G. Buell

Kendra Bunch

Lilla Burgess

Charles T. Burkhardt

Robert and Nancy Burr

Vicki Burr-Chellin

Dr. Louanne Bursell and Vic Bursell

Baby Burstyn Gretchen * and Dan Butler

Joseph and Evelyn Butts

Charles and Norah Butzberger

Nancy and Thomas Cacace

James and Helen Cahill

Candice Caldwell-Jones

Kevin and Patty Callaghan

Ken Campbell

Larry A. Cannon

Chris Carle and Rhonda K. King

Chris and Mitzi Carletti

Karen Carlson Mildred and Evan Carlson

Kit Carson

Dave and Jan Carter

Patty and Jon Cashman

David and Wanda Cassidy

Henry O. Cato

Victor B. Cauffman

Patrick Cave

Ken Cederstrand

Rita L. Cella-Trousdale and Lee R. Trousdale

Marion and C. Chadwick

Jenné Chalfant

Raymond R. Chalmers

Glenda Chambers

Bette Chambers

Suman Chand

Jim Charboneau

Lynn * and Robert Chase

Thomas and Maureen Cherry

Kate Ciliberto

Shauna Claar *

Barbara and Owen

Buck and Nancy Clark

Erika Clawson

Carol M. Cleaves

Doris E. Cleveland

Marilyn E. Cline

Toni Cloud and Wally Hansen

Helen and J.C. Coffel

Timothy Coghill *

George and Beverly Cohee

Raye and Louis Cohen

Vic and Delores Cohrs

Lucy Colangelo

James and Myrna Cole

Arna Comer

Marguerite Condon and Ginger Jorgensen

Jo Ann Coney

Frank J. Constantino

Glen and Adrian Cook

Sandra B. Corcoran Jennifer and Jonathan Cornwell

Shanta C. Corra

Jose Correa

Mike and Sharon Corrigan

Jill Corsi

Steven Coutcher

Max R. Cox

Donna R. Craft

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Craig

Beverly Cram

Alice K. Crews

Shelley and Martin Criminale

Roberta Crockett

Rob Crombie

Diana Crombie *

James and Ruth Cromer

Bruce M. Cross

Tim ** and Jeanne Crow

Anne B. Crow

Ronald Perry Crump

Harold P. Culbertson

M. L. Cullor

Susan L. Cummings

Phyllis and Allen Cunningham

Mary Curcio

Terri L. Curnutt *

Debbie Curry

Minerva Cush

Jerry and Mary Anne D’Ambrosio

Wendy Dahlquist

Chris Daigre

Jonathan Daleo

Phong T. Dang

Quincy L. Daniels *

Frederic Danz

Raymond Dapp

June and Dale Daudt

Elaine Davenport

Denny and Fran Davidson

Dolores M. Davis Ronald and Gayleen Davis

Joan E. Davis

Richard G. Davis

Ralph Davis

Matthew Dawson

Terry and Marion Dawson

Joyce Daymon

Nancy Debaste

Michael Debogorski

Roy DeBritz and Mae Albright

Carol W. DeFalco

Karel Deibel

Helen S. Dent

Philip B. Detwiler

Milagros Devera†

William and Lorna Devereaux

Muriel Diamond

Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Dickason

Howie ** and Dianna Dickerman

Lori Dickinson

Wayne A. Dinsmore

Michael R. Dire

James Dixon

Larry Dodson * and Michelle Pettie-Dodson

Greg and Lugene Dolan

Ellen H. Dolson

Esther Donner

Israel D. Donohue

Amidy Doolittle

Capt. Charles Dorian

Donna Dougherty

Lynn Douglas

Martin Sue Downs

Edward Downum

Christopher Downum and Christine Edward

Bernard J. Doyle

Ileana Draghici

Priscilla Drebin

Suzanne Dressler

Kellar Dominick and Aurora Driano

Dave Driscoll

Paul Ducharme *

Michael Dunbar

T. Michael Dunbar

Donald and Mary Duncan

Eugene Duncan

Lee Dunton and Patricia Dunton

Emil N. Dupuy

Judy and Dan Durfee

Lois Dusenbery

Sheila Dwyer

Benjamin and Carolyn Dy

Jerome Dyckhoff

Joseph Dyson

Charles K. Eaton

Richard A. Eckloff

John F. Eggert

Harry ** and Jeanne Egler

Frank G. Ehle

Michael Ellis Margarita and Jack Eng

Constance Engelstad *

Jackie Engler-Morris

Mary Jane Erlewine

John L. Erling

Maria and Cesar Espinoza

Albert Evans

Charles Eyers

Bruce R. Faber

Maria Fedorean

Anthony and Linda Feist

Mike and Susan Felix

Elmer and Kay Felton

Sharon Ferro

Bill and Esther Fickeisen

Alyx T. Fier

Joseph C. Firey

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard N. Fisher

Jerry Fitzgerald

Denise Flanagan

Ruth Fletcher

Paul * and Bev Fletcher

Verna E. Florov

Vince R. Ford

Elene S. Forrester

Ron and Linda Fosse

Amy and Gregg Fossum

Jeff S. Foster *

Marlene and David Foster

Joan Fowler-Yamada

Robert Fox

Donald H. Francis

Robert ** and Julie Francis

William and Joanne Fraser

Robert Arlene Freimund

Leslie P. Frosch

Mrs. Eddie Joe Fueston

Florence and Tad Fujita

Gregory Fuller

Laura H. Furstnow

Irene T. Gable

John Gabry

Katherine Gabry

Robert and Janice Gailfus

William S. Galasso

Marthalee Galeota

Charles and Jeanne Galliher

Genaro and Jania Garcia

Denise Gardner

Janis A. Gardner

Ralph and Molly Garhart

Dave and Andria Garten

Peter and Mary Gartshore

Harry L. Gauthier

David * and Kristen Geary *

Arthur and Peggy Gerdes

L. I. Gilmore

Myrtes and Peter Gjefle

Phillip E. Gladfelter

Tishelle H. Glant

Scheinman Frauke

E. Glaspy

Ann Gnozzo

Michon Godbey

Lorraine Goldberg

Cheryl L. Goluch

Sherry Gomes

Eugene H. Goodlund

Frances and Donald Gormley

Mary and Ernie Gould

Gary K. Graf

Adella Granger

Frank Graves

Holly Gray *

Suzanne Gray

Pat Greene

Jean C. Greene

Paulette T. Greenway

Dean Gregory

Trisha Grieff

Carol Griffin

Matthew and Jessica Grignon

Gregg A. Grinnell

Jennifer R. Grohs

Victor F. Gross

Larry Gudbranson

Gordon Gump

George Gundlach

Meredith Gustafson

Marie Gyllenskog

Thomas and Rosemary Hackett

Augusta S. Hackstock

Jackie Haggerty

Kathy R. Hale

Charity Hall

Geannine Hall

Annette Hall

Larry M. Hamilton

Elizabeth J. Hamlin

Donald C. Hammer

Herbert E. Hammond

Morris and Patty Hanan

Robert Hanna *

Richard A. Hanners

Gladys L. Hansen

John and Petra Hansen

Martin Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Hanson

Jean Hantid

Ray Harding

Juliet F. Harding

Glenn and Rena Hardy

Robert and Etna Hardy

Hallie Harris

John Harrison

K. Harrison

John Hart

Pearl E. Hartker

Maureen Haruta

Susan D. Harvey

Maxine D. Hass

Arthur Haubry

Darrell E. Haugen

Paul D. Haugen

Edward Hayashi

Ann and Charles Hayes

Mary V. Hayes

Charles Hayes

Evelyn N. Heatherington

Allyn and Patricia Hebner

George Heidorn and Margaret Rothschild

Charles Heitman

Dave Henderson

W. Dean Henderson

Robert L. Henninger

Lars Hennum

Naomi Henryson

Jason Herbers

John Hern

Pamela J. Herrebout

Margaret Hickok

Leonard and Ruby Hicks

David Hildbrand

Laurence and Evelyn Hile

Erna Hiles and Kent Armbruster

Whitney Hill Leonard and Mary Hilla

Barbara D. Himmelman and Stephen Bronson

Warren and Kieko Hinzman

Gwyneth E. Hixson

Roland and Geraldine Hoefer

Paula Hoffman *

Allan Hokanson

John Holaday

James Holdway

Roberta and Alan Holland

George L. Holmes

Eric Holopainen

Roland and Jewell Holsinger

Janet Holttum

Frederick Holtz

John B. Hom

Albert and Dorothy Hopkins

Lillian Hopkins

Jeannene Hoppe

Jane Horowitz

Fred and Karen Horvath

Walter Hossfeld

Robert and Mary Ann Hottell

Elmer Howard

Molly J. Howell

John and Lisa Howgate

Robert M. Hoye-Logan *

Richard Hoyt

Susanne Hubbach

Jeremiah Huber

Raymond Hudson

Dave and Ginni Hull

KyLynn and Jason Hull

Mary A. Hulse

Brenda Hulse

Lisa Hunter

Patty J. Hurless

Denny and Lonnie Huse

Graham and Dorothy Hutchins

Katherine Iaci

Stephen Ice

Sue Ingersoll and Pat Jankord

Barbara Innes

Jeanne C. Inouye

Arnold and Helen Isaacson

Frank and Nicole

Mary E. Iszley

Alexander Jacklin

Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson

David and Edith Jackson

Richard and Margaret Jacobs

James M. Jacobsen

Martha E. Jacobson

George Jacobson**

Norman G. Jacobson

Ronald A. Janiszewski

R. F. Jefferson

Kirk and Julie Jefson

Keith Jenkins

Mark and Kathy Jenkins

Liesa M. Jensen

Chandra and Karthik Jeyabalan

Valdis J. Jodais

Lorraine V. Johansen

Mimi and Brad Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Dr. David W. Johnson

Clifford Johnson **

Karen Johnson and Doug Hildie *

Klemens and Katherine Johnson

Robert Johnson Jr.

Nancy Johnson and Ken Johnson

Richard A. Johnson

Charlotte B. Johnson

Willard Johnson

Keith R. Johnson

Karen Johnston *

Maralyn L. Johnston

Patricia V. Johnston

Louann D. Johnston

Linda L. Jolin

Adrienne Jonas

Jay Jones **

Jack Jones

Sherilyn and Reginald Jones

Clayton R. Jones III

Roni and Jack Jones

Jens ** and Glenda Jorgensen

Gilbert Joynt

Lorriane Juvet

Pete and Kathy Kalapaca

Dr. Robert E. Kalina

Erik and Virginia Kallberg

Kirt and Danielle Kamins

Charlie and Elizabeth Kaminski

Jim E. Kampfer

Timothy and Elaine Kangas

Charles M. Kaperick

Betty Kardas

William Karrels

Russell and Barbara Kasselman

Richard and Joyce Kastel

Raymond Kauders

Jake Kawakami

Hamako G. Kawamura

Geraldine Keane

Edwin and Jean Keil

Pamela M. Kelley

John Kelly

William Kenick

Eleanor Kent and Bob Schoos

Marie Kernie

Labiba Khan

Karen Kidd *

Eugene and Barbara Kidder

Karl Kim Ann King

William J. King

Richard Kipper

Mika L. Kitamura

Doug ** and Billie Klan

Irwin Kleinman

Robert Kline

Kathryn Klosky

Nancy Knapp

Siteri Diani

Amy L. Koehl *

Timothy Koenig

Anthony Kogut

Terry Kohl

Kay Kohlruss

Dale Koiser

William and Ann Konertz

John P. Konrad

Darlene and Larry Kosoff

Betty J. Kracsko

George Kraft and Susanne O’Trimble

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Krueger Sr.

Bob F. Kruse

Bob and Susan Kuebler

Sylvia Kuebler Tom Kuebler **

Ray Kyte * and Wendy Lubahn

Lance Labrosse

Richard Ladner and Ann C. Sauer

Gregory E. Lahti Louise and Lawrence Lake

Karen E. Lam

Margaret R. Lamb

Larry W. Lambert

Sylvia E. Landberg

Mark Landreneau *

Raymond and Elizabeth Landry

Cherie Lane

Shirley T. Lange

Karen L. Langlois

Linda Lanham **

Marvin Lapradd

Lisa Larsen

Arthur and Cela Larson

Horace and Ellen Lash

Shirley Lashua

Lillian Lathrum

Robert and Anne Latz

Mariam Lauren

Edward E. Lawrence

Isabelle M. LeBlanc and Cherie L. Schuster

Antoinette LeClare

Douglas C. Lee

Young and Hakin Lee

Sarah Leech

Len Leger

Janet Lenhardt *

Jessica Leppaluoto

Arlene Levy

Harry H. Lewin

Norma J. Lien

Wade A. Lieseke

John and Opal Liljegren

Davy L. Lilly

Eleanor M. Limmer

James and Janet Linardos

Catherine and Louis Lindsey

Marian P. Lindvall

Bernice M. Link

Donna and Rodney Linkous

Mitzie V. Lins-Morstadt

James and Dolores Little

Frances W. Lloyd

Jolene Logue

Barbara Losstrom

Geneva I. Lowe

Nancy Lowry

Aubrey Lowry

Buu Luc

Joyce Lumsden

Jorgen V. Lunding

Rick and Joan Lundquist

Christopher Lyles

Dorothy O. Lynch

Paul and Dorothy Mabie

Arnold Mack

John F. Mack

Lorraine Madeira

Amanda Madorno

Walter Madson

Nancy F. Maimone

Frances C. Mairs

Cheryl Mairs

Tracie Major

Trupti D. Mande

Judith Mandt

Polly Mansfield

Arnie Marcus

Dana Marmion * and Kent Breidenstein

Norman and Karen Marten

Keith C. Martensen

Jacqueline Martin, Ph.D.

Chris O. Martin

Janet A. Martin

Peggy Martinez *

Betty J. Martinsen

Nicholas Marvais

Kathleen and Chuck Maryatt

Linda and Brian Maschhoff

Daniel Mason

Marie T. Massena

Jolenta Masterson

Donna C. Mataya

Roy Matsumoto

Jackie Matthews and Kurt Magnuson

Marvin K. Mayberry

Kenneth K. McBreen

Alice M. McCabe

Fayne S. McCaffray

Dale McCallister

Michael and Jann McCann

Bill and Sybil McConaughy

Phil McConnell

Michelle McCormick

Glenn* and Ursula McCully *

Edna Mae McDowell

Joseph L. McGavick

Daniel McGlothlin

Janet and Melville McIntyre

Len and Tamara McKay

Paul McKee

Dara McKinley

Mark S. McLaughlin

Patrick M. Mcmanus

Edward R. McMillan

Eleanor M. McMillion

Lillian and Stanley McMullin

Brad McNeil

Allen McNulty

William McSherry

Jean E. McTavish

Frederick F. Mendoza **

Bettie Mercado

Brett Merrick

Mathew Metcalfe

Michael and Brenda Metz

Don Meyer

Ruby L. Miller

Dana L. Millican

Christina A. Mina

Eleanor Miner

Maxine Minnick

Bernie Minsk

Joseph Mintz Mirko and Mildred Misic

Thorman E. Moen

Kenneth G. Moffat

Angeline Molinaro

Donald E. Molitor

Andrea Molitor

Don ** and Betty Mollet

Roy and Myrtle Monette

John E. Monsour

John Moore

Jennifer Moore * and Andrew Schlotfeldt

Robert Morales

Joe H. Morgan

Theron K. Morgan

Ted and Mary Morneau

Dorothy E. Morris

Dr. Morris

Shawna Morrison

June L. Morrow

Jerrilee Mosier

Mae Mullen *

Willard and Carolyn Muller

Robert and Calvin Munk

Kiba Murphy

Carol J. Murphy

Victoria Murray

Louise Mutschler

Lee A. Myers

Nyunt T. Myint

Harue Nakatani

Eva Nars


Betty L. Nease

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Needham

William A. Neep

Timothy Neill

Michael C. Nelson

A. and Marjorie Nelson

Maurice I. Nelson

Leonard and Mae Nelson

Eleanor Nesbitt

Carol Newman and Dennis Fisk

Hoa and Flavie Nguyen

Dr. Michael Nieder

Ann L. Nieder

Malik A. Nkeiruka

Lorie Noel

Susan and Pat Noon

Juanita and John Nordin

Bernard and Catherine Norris

Lois H. North

Lillian and Albert North

David and Florence O’Brien

Michael G. O’Connell

Leo and Kathy O’Dore

Jodie * and Rich O’Flaherty

Michele O’Hara

Pat * and Chris O’Hara

Linell O’Neil

Marion O’Neil

Thomas and Susan Oas

Corinne and Warren Odegard

Joan L. Oestriech

Joe and Diana Ohashi

Phyllis J. Oldenburg and James C. Smith

Ryan Ollis

Mr. and Mrs. Olson

Rose and Travis Oney

Virginia Ordona

Phyllis R. Orrico

Jeffrey Ortiz

Ivan L. Orton

John and Jean Osborn

Richard and Margaret Osborne

Melinda Otsuki *

Mary Pace

Bob and Marian Pacquer

Margaret and Philip Padelford

Mylene Padolina

Gloria Paladichuk

Elizabeth Parda

Harlan and Jacqueline Park

Lois and Alan Park

Karen M. Park *

Susan K. Parker

Amy and William Parker

Patrick Parker Jr.

Ray Parkins

Mario Parnella

Bill Pascoe

Amy E. Paton

Marian E. Patterson

Jack and Sylvia Paul

Surinder Paul

Steve Paul

Gordon Peckham

Carol Pehling

Georgia Penfield

Ying Peng

Lillian K. Perry

Beverly Perry

Robert G. Personius

Evelyn Peters

Donald and Aileen Peters

Ruth E. Petersen

Arthur N. Petersen

Robert M. Petersen

Dorothy and W. Petersen

Marion and James Peterson

Homer F. Peterson

Johnnie Peterson *

Gordon V. Peterson

William and Carol Peterson

Megan Petricic

Adam and Myrtle May Petronis

Norman and Patricia Petterson

James and Linda Philip

Maridee Phillips

Larry M. Phillips

Gary and Janice Phillips

Gerald and Jean Pickens

Harold R. Piper

Suzanne Pitone

Anthony and Penny Pomata

Thomas and Sylvia Ponder

Darin Pope

Terrence E. Pope

Danielle and Russell Pospical

Jack Pottorff

Vern Poulsen

Elinor Powicke and William Teskey

Lee M. Pratt

Marjolein Pruis

Ellen T. Pugh

Elinor Pulk

Dorothy M. Qualls

William Vincent Quinn Jr.

Patricia C. Quinn

Leigh Rabel

Maria I. Radosavljevic

David Rall

Laverne I. Ramsey

Jack E. Randles

Patricia A. Rasmussen

Wanda L. Rasmussen

Ron L. Rawson

Virginia and Richard Ray

Virginia Regnart

Stephen Reichle

Robert Reichner

Dennis M. Rencher

Jean Repp

Kathryn G. Rettkowski

Pam and Jerry Retzloff

Grace M. Rhoden

Peggy Rhodes

Geraldine M. Rice

Gerald and Linda Richards

Elaine E. Richards

William A Richardson

Elinor and George Rief

Deborah J. Rienti

Cecile Ries

Lillian and Jerry Riley

Chuck ** and Karen Riley

Roy Rios *

Tony R. Roberson

Robert L. Roberts

Henry M. Robinett

Julie and Randy Robinett Smith

Ralph W. Robinson

Junius Rochester

Dorothy M. Rodie

Raymond M. Roe

Louis and Lorna Roebke

Rosella Z. Roff

R. L. and Patricia Rogerson

Dane Rogerson and Family

Dr. Victor G. Romley

Jessie and John Root

Peter and Marian Rose

James and Beth Rosenzweig

Barbara ** and Ronald Ross

Donald and Joanne Ross

Arthur C. Ross

Anna Roszkowski

Raymond F. Rowan

Frances Rowe

Patricia A. Rozmyn

Stanley Rozycki

Charlotte X. Rush

Joshua Russell *

Robert O. Russell

Deborah Rustin

Orlyn D. Ruwe

Hideo J. Saaki

Betty Salvati

Anne Sander

Mary E. Sands

Terry Sather

William Sauerbrey

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Saulewicz

Andrea Savar

David E. Sceppa

Ruth Sceva

Tina L. Schaaf

Rachel M. Schaefer

Peggy L. Schafran

Terry Scheurer

Barbara J. Schloredt

Walt and Kath Schlotfeldt

Teresa Schlund

Dennis and Saralee Schneck

Constance Schnell

Debra Schober

Karl and Audrey Schott

Erica Schreiber

Elizabeth C. Schroder

Susan and Edward Schulman

Amy Scott and Steve Alley

Warren and Rochelle Seaholm

Rachel Seashore

Nancy Seiden

Todd Selin

Bard and Arlene Sellereite

Annabelle Seronko

Lynn Serpa

Ann and Mike Settles

Lowell Sever

Cora E. Sevilles

Fred and Susan Shanafelt

Michael Shawver

Geraldine Shea

Isabelle and Francis

Sheen June

Sheldon Roberta and Paul Shelton

Lynda and Steven Shelton

Charles and Jo-Ann Shoemaker

Colleen D. Shorrock

Brenda Shrout

Tony R. Sifert

Robert and Janis Simpson

Donald Sirkin

Phyllis M. Skillingstead

Verna Small

Brad and Judy Smart

David Smith

Tracy Smith

Loyal M. Smith

Joan P. Smith

Laura H. Smith

Irma A. Smith

Helen M. Smith

Karen Snead

Barbara Snider

Ellen Snow

Richard and Patricia Sobota

Cliff Soike

Cathi M. Sommer

Elizabeth J. Sorrels

Polly Soules

Ilse Spang

Alvin B. Sparks

William and Sharon Spencer

Jeffrey Spencer

Harold L. Spilde

Peggy and Sharon Squires

Margery St. Pierre

Gerald and Mary Stackpole

Darren Stalder

Bernice E. Stalder

Judi Standley

Patrice Stankavich

Fred Stanley

Scott E. Stearns

Anne R. Steele

Diane D. Steen

Kathleen Steenbock

John and Grace Steers

Evelyn and George Stege

Sheldon P. Steinberg

Jenna Stephens

Jeremy Sasser * and Robert Steppler

Elaine Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stevens

Libby Stevenson

James Stewart

Joan A. Stewart

Stuart and Rosemary Stewart

Linda C. Stiegler

Ken Sting

Philip Stoller and Susan Backus-Stoller

Carol A. Storm

Myrna Stout

William Stover

Tina and Jerald Streutker

Eli T. Struck

Karen Rachel Stueland

Beth Sturdevant

Patrick ** and Susan Sullivan

Teresa Summers

Scott and Michelle Summers

Edith Sutton

Joseph and Judy Suty

Don * and Nancy Swaney *

James C. Swanson

Hilma E. Swanson

Mike and Lynn Sweeney

Betty Sweeney

Michael Swindling

Donald B. Syria

Thomas and Kazuko Tanigawa

Patricia Tanin

Lester C. Tardiff

Bernadette L. Taylor

Harry A. Taylor *

Caryn Tenin *

Patrick Ternes

Mark Thomas

Korian Thomas

Lynell Thomas

Clarice Thomas

Hla Thompson

Barbara Thompson

Jessica Thompson

Vivian Thompson

Audrey R. Thorson

Edward and Beth Tietjen

Lisa K. Timm

Laurel Tomchick

Lynette Tompkins

Margaret and Joseph Traynor

Jacqueline A. Treber

Betty Lou and Irwin Treiger

Careline and Donald Trout

Thang Truong

Robert Tucker

Roma I. Tunberg

Miriam S. Tungate

Lindtner and Edna Twiet

Vincent Uchytil

Paulla and Christina Upjohn

Robert K. Vaa

Dick Vacca

Jacquelyn Vale

Andrew Van Dussen

Janell A. Van Dussen

Peter and Christine Van Dussen

Dana Van Dussen *

Maria Van Horn

Margaret Van Soest

John and Geraldine Vandermay

Donald L. Vanduzer

Edward G. Vasse

Karl W. Vatne

Manuel and Laverne Ventoza

Brad Vinish

Cornie and Nellie Visser

Leo Vollmerhause

Meri T. Wada

Julie Wade

Rose Wagers

Mark Wagner and Dorothea Eberz-Wagner

Edward Wagner

James and Carole Walker

Shannon R. Walker

Bruce ** and Judy Walker

Annie and Ernest Walker

Mary E. Walker

Richard and Margaret Wallace

Dolores Walter

Daniel and Susan Walton

Janet L. Ward

Dean and Nora Ward

William D. Ward

Rev. William D. Waring

John Waring

Joanne E. Wartella

Mie Watanabe

Anna M. Watkins

Brian Watson

John* Watson and Denise Flanagan

Robert L. Way

Robert Waychoff

David L. Wayman

Barbara J. Webb

Curtis and Amelia Weber

Bruce E. Webster

Robert Webster

Max and Gayle Weed

Chen Wei

Geraldine Weir and James Flanagan

Bram D. Weiser

Louis and Patricia Weissman

Mary Leigh Welch

Jason Wells *

Michael Welty

Gail and Dave Wenger

Joanne Wenger

Kirsten and Roy Wenstone

Ruth Westbrook

Jeanne Westlund

Oliver Wetzel

Ken ** and Jan Wherry

William Whetham

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Whipple

Hilary and Robert White

Clinton White

Peter Whitehead

Kathryn * and Adam Wiegel

Sorraya Wieneke

Mary Lou and George Wieser

James and Anna Wiger

Diane and James Wilkes

Donald and Patricia Williams

John A. Willis

Janice and Kenneth Willis

Harriet and Frank

Carol L. Wilson

Greg and Ann Wimmenauer

Melanie A. Wimmenauer *

Helen Wing Foster and Norman M. Foster

R. C. Winter

G. H. “Oly” Wise **

Norman G. Wittenbrock

David and Susan Woltz

Yic Fun Fanny Wong

Marion V. Wood

Katherine D. Wood

Brent Wooten

Cora and William Workman

Clint Worthington

Patricia and Fred Wright

Shelley Wuerl

Daniel F. Wynne

Bob and Mary Ann Yanak

Chi-Mei Yang

Michelle Yapp

Joseph Yazzolino

Joe Yee

Robert J. Young

Frazier Young

Leon and Sharon Young

Betty and Orwin Youngquist

Vicky Youngs

Perry E. Zaback

Rose Zappert

Marie T. Zaragoza

William L. Zila

Robert Zimmermann

Christian E. Zurschmiede

Susan Zwiers

* indicates Lighthouse employee
** indicates Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. or Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation board member

Institutional Donors

Alderbrook Resort and Spa

Amber Janitorial Inc.

ASKO Processing, Inc.

ASL Interpreter Network

Badgley, Phelps and Bell

Ballard Lions Club

Ben Bridge Jeweler

Carter Mold

Cave B Inn at SageCliffe

Christensen O’Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC


Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants

Dmitriou’s Jazz Alley

The Dupar Foundation

Ehrlich-Donnan Foundation

Employee’s Community Fund of Boeing

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Fury Extraordinary Women’s Consignment

Gilman Family



Gosiger, Inc.

Kerala Ayurveda Academy


King County Metro Transit

King’s Hardware

Kusak Cut Glass Works, Inc.

Lucky Seven Foundation

Mercer Island Lions Club

Microsoft Corporation

Moccasin Lake Foundation

National Industries for the Blind

Northern Trust Northgate

Gene Juarez Salons & Spas

Posner-Wallace Foundation

Ray’s Boathouse Cafe and Catering

Rotary International District

SAGE Manufacturing

The Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation

Seattle District Corp of Engineers

Seattle Mariners

St. James Cathedral

St. Joseph Residence


Sutra Vegetarian Cuisine

The Boeing Company

The Golf Club at Newcastle

The Norcliffe Foundation

The Seattle Foundation

The Triple Door University

Lions Foundation

Vinod Rajpaul Fund

Washington Numismatic Gallery, Inc.

West Seattle Garden Tour

Lighthouse Legacy Society

The Lighthouse Legacy Society honors the exceptional individuals who have made a planned gift to the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation. Their thoughtful, forward-thinking gifts will help build our endowment and ensure that there will always be opportunities for blind and Deaf-Blind people in our community.

Examples of planned giving arrangements include designating a bequest to the Foundation in a will or arranging a Charitable Gift Annuity in partnership with the Lighthouse. The only requirement for membership in the Lighthouse Legacy Society is written notification of a planned gift.

We extend our deepest thanks to the following generous and forward thinking individuals for making a magnificent investment in ensuring permanent opportunities for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities.

Charter Members

Kirk and Ros AdamsLoren and Ann Anderson

Katy Beck

Keri and David Brent

Herb Bridge

Howard and Dianna Dickerman

Jim and Constance Engelstad

Paul and Bev Fletcher

Ray Haman

Doug Hildie and Karen Johnson

Paula Hoffman

George Jacobson

Robert and Kathleen Johnson

Clifford Johnson

Karen Kidd

Doug and Billie Klan

Amy L. Koehl

Darlene and Larry Kosoff

Tom Kuebler

Maurice I. Nelson

Leonard and Mae Nelson

Patrick and Christine O’Hara

Jeff and Jennifer Patterson

Dr. Jeffrey Robertson

Robin Rowedder

Patrick and Susan Sullivan

Ms. Florence Toth

Bruce Judy Walker

G. H. Oly Wise

Legacy Society Members Joining 2009

Patrick Curtin

Verna E. Florov

Mark and Kristy Hoshi

Gifts Honoring Individuals

We are privileged to receive gifts in honor of many wonderful individuals who have touched our community with their example and their good work.

In 2008, we received gifts in honor or memory of the following exceptional people:

In Honor In Memory
Kirk and Ros AdamsDi Black

Rosalie Daleo

Victoria Douyen

Jeff Kuebler – In Honor of his 20 Years of Service to the Lighthouse

Mindy Joy Mayer

Gary and Linda Moore

Barbara Ross

Juanita Shoemaker

John M. Watson

Stuart Williams

Alice M. Young

Elaine AllenPhyllis Apthorp

Elma Baldridge

Elizabeth Baxter

Stephen Brauss

Mark Cockrill

Margaret Crane

RAdm. Wallace Dowd

Edyth Ericksson

Shirley Gangstee

Gunnar Hain

Cory Harding

Helen E. Hauck

Charles Hovander

Kevin Kelly

Kikwe Matsuura

Jacklyn McCraw

Dave Mollet

Robert Morrow

Jim Paladichuk

A. C. Phillips

Marjorie Sullivan

Mildred Welsch