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Driven by Generosity

The generosity of our community allows us to meet people where they are in their journey of vision loss. Our donors provide the necessary support, funding the services critical for navigating the intricacies of work and life. From braille courses to computer training to navigating a commute to work, philanthropic donations ensure our employees garner the skills for employment at the Lighthouse and throughout their career.

Simply put, our donors and partners ensure our employees are poised for success. Learn more about supporting the Lighthouse

Empowering Independence

With your support, we can provide the necessary services and training that make employment possible for people who are blind or DeafBlind. You can ensure they have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of independence.

You can shift fear into hope.

You can replace trepidation with self-confidence.

You can transform isolation into independence.

You can cultivate possibilities and awaken empowerment.

At the Lighthouse we know that life doesn’t end with blindness. Our role is to help each individual discover their strengths to gain independence. We have seen how employment can transform a person. Now, you can help more individuals start life anew and change the perception of people who are blind and DeafBlind.

Together, we will empower more people to shape a fulfilling and prosperous future for themselves.

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