Lighthouse Low Vision Services

A new program which offers an array of rehabilitation services including orientation and mobility training, activities of daily living skills training in the home, vision loss information and referral, outreach presentations, and instruction on devices and aids. 

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Dr. Anna Shagas, OD (left) demonstrating a CCTV to Dennis Tay
A light-skinned woman sits and types at a computer workstation outfitted with a CCTV and a large print yellow keyboard

The Accessibility Program exists to provide the necessary equipment, human supports, information, technology and training in the appropriate formats to meet our employees’ needs while at work.
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Close up shot of a finger going over braille dots

The Lighthouse offers comprehensive braille instruction and training for beginners as well as advanced braille users.  Our Braille Literacy Program is available to all employees as is our Braille Reading Library (BRL).
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Computer Training Program Instructor Tim Shockley (left) with employee Jon Ott (right) in the Seattle facility

The Lighthouse offers distance learning training in computers and assistive technology skills. Students learn to use assistive technology in conjunction with computer programs such as the Microsoft office suite, email, and the internet for vocational skills.
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Outside view of the Fragrant Garden facing down the entrance ramp with trees with red leaves overhead

Ethel L. Dupar’s Fragrant Garden is located behind Seattle Lighthouse, and is designed specifically for people who are blind or DeafBlind, with over sixty different fragrant plants that appeal both to the sense of smell and touch.
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A man wearing a beanie hat uses ASL to communicate between two interpreters in the Seattle facility

We employ full-time American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters skilled in working with DeafBlind people at our Seattle facility.
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A dark-skinned woman using a white cane is walking through a Metro station with a tall light-skinned orientation and mobility specialist behind her

Orientation and Mobility (O & M) instructors assist blind and DeafBlind employees in learning skills to travel independently and safely. Skills instruction includes white cane travel, bus and street route planning, electronic travel aid training, and supplemental guide dog training.
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Alyssa Frohlich (right) working next to a Job Coach in Production

The Lighthouse employs approximately 25 blind and DeafBlind adults with developmental disabilities through our Supported Employment Program. Supported employees are assigned a job coach who provides instruction, guidance, and support to help them succeed in their positions.
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Michelle Denzer and her guide dog Sooner

The Tom Kuebler Guide Dog and Employee Support Fund is funded through community support. Donations provide guide dog assisted employees with services to enrich independence in their work and personal lives.
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