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A light-skinned woman sits and types at a computer workstation outfitted with a CCTV and a large print yellow keyboard

Administrative Assistant Melinda Slovernick sits at a fully accessible computer workstation at the Seattle facility

The Accessibility Program exists to provide the necessary equipment, human supports, information, technology, and training in the appropriate formats to meet our employees’ needs while at work.

Accessibility Program Services and Information:

The Accessibility Program is a program of the Employee and Community Services (ECS) department of the Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. It is responsible for identifying and providing work related accommodations related to vision and hearing for all employees who meet the legal definition of blindness, and for those who are participating in the interview process. This includes making our tools and equipment, technology, built environment and interview process as accessible as possible.

The Accessibility Program also houses the Lighthouse Innovation Lab, which is responsible for the development of custom accommodations solutions and technologies when the appropriate solution to a unique accessibility challenge is not commercially available.

The Accessibility Program provides the following services:

  • Assessment of new and existing employee needs
  • Research, recommendation, and delivery of individual accommodations related to vision and hearing
  • Identification of barriers to accessibility with recommendations for improvement in accommodations, assistive technology and organizational standard
  • Work area evaluation
  • Facilities improvements
  • Employee and departmental education related to accommodations
  • Best practice and organizational policy development
  • Internal and external consultation services related to accessibility


Lighthouse employees and job applicants who meet the legal definition of blindness, have a hearing related accommodation need, or otherwise qualify for services from the ECS department, may request accommodation through the Accommodations request process. The ECS Accommodations Manager, in partnership with other organizational and industry experts, works with all employees to advise and educate about best practices, needs, and requirements for accommodation.


The Accessibility Program and Innovation Lab are funded through a combination of grants, contributions from local corporations, foundations, service organizations and individual charitable giving, and Lighthouse operations.

There is no cost to employees of the Lighthouse for any equipment or services provided by the Accessibility Program for work-related accommodation.

Information Contact:

Ian Stenseng
Director of Accessibility and Innovation

Phone: (206) 973-4061 x2461

Julia Anderson
Accommodations Manager

Phone: (206) 436-2152

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