Braille Literacy Program

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The Braille Literacy Program exists to support and increase the independence of employees through education and instruction in braille literacy. The Lighthouse offers braille literacy training to employees who wish to explore, gain or improve their braille reading skills. Classes are 1 on 1, individualized and tailored to meet the needs and goals of each participant. We now offer remote braille instruction. Learn more about our new remote braille program >>

We offer a variety of classes for every skill level. Classes in braille fundamentals cover uncontracted braille, and aid participants in learning the alphabet, numbers, and basic punctuation. These fundamentals are useful in labeling, notetaking, and other functional reading tasks. Advanced classes include: instruction in contracted braille, improving reading efficiency, and transition to the Unified English Braille code.

In addition to individualized classes, our Seattle location features the Leonard & May Nelson Braille Reading Library (BRL). The library offers a variety of braille materials for employees to read and study on-site or check out to read at home.

We believe braille literacy is key to independence, employment and self-sufficiency for people who are blind or low vision.


Lighthouse employees who meet the legal definition of blindness are eligible to enroll in braille literacy classes.


The Braille Literacy Program is funded through a combination of grants, contributions from local corporations, foundations, service organizations and individual charitable giving, and Lighthouse operations. There is no cost to Lighthouse employees for braille literacy classes.

For more information, contact:

Timothy Paulding
ECS Services and Instructional Manager

Phone: (509) 487-0405 ext. 1409

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