I wonder if any of you reading this remember their first day at the Seattle Lighthouse or at Inland Northwest Lighthouse (INL)?

My first day was memorable for me for many reasons, but mostly for the warm welcome I received from my new coworkers.  I knew that most of my fellow workers were in the same boat as me and had limited vision or had none at all, but I still felt like an outsider until I met and started talking to the folks that had worked at INL since it had opened.  Within a matter of a few minutes I was welcomed into the family and felt comfortable and at ease by the end of my first day.  I owe those folks a big thank you as they got me through my first day as a production worker in one piece!  I got lost a few times and made a few mistakes, but Cherelle my guide dog and I made it through that first day!  Two years later we are still at INL and loving the job and friendships.

To work on an equal footing with your fellow workers is a wonderful experience – everyone helps and supports each other through job related and personal problems, and we all appreciate the friendship and job security we have found here at INL.