Dylan smiling holding a cane

Dylan Job

Dylan Job is a delightful 27-year-old who has worked at the Lighthouse since 2014. He lives in Snohomish with his family, and although his commute may be long, it’s worth it to him. His family has been able to work out transportation with a friend getting to work which lessens his commute time, but going home he uses Paratransit across Metro and Dart.

Dylan contracted meningitis at birth, which is what ultimately caused his blindness and other disabilities. He spent 4 months in the hospital, had three brain surgeries, and was not expected to survive. Today, he continues to thrive and defy expectations.

As part of our Supported Employment Program, Dylan works with a job coach to assist him in his success. Each morning, before he goes to his work station for the day, together they plan his schedule using a pictorial board, pictures on squares which attach with Velcro. If Dylan feels upset or sad (blue), angry or concerned (red), or anxious or worried (yellow), at any time, he can go to his Job Coach who will talk with Dylan and help him work through his feelings.

Dylan works on Canteens, paper shredding, and from time to time, putting packets together for other departments.

When not at work, Dylan enjoys watching TV and going to Miracles and Memories, a day program where he gets to swim and do other fun activities.

Dylan with a friend at a track eventDylan went to the Washington State School for the blind (WSSB) for high school where he participated in swimming, power lifting, and track. One of the things he especially enjoys about working at the Lighthouse is running into old classmates from WSSB.

According to his mom, “Working at the Lighthouse gives Dylan a sense of purpose. He is contributing in a valuable way, making friends and learning new jobs.”

Dylan is not only working, but he is becoming more independent in work and socially. The impact of the Lighthouse on Dylan cannot be overstated. Seeing old friends and making new ones is sure to make him smile!