The Inland Northwest Lighthouse (INL) Advisory Council also supports our programs and services but specifically focuses on the Greater Spokane Area. Council members are skilled volunteers who act as ambassadors and seek to increase overall awareness of and support for the Lighthouse mission specific to the needs in the greater Spokane region.

What we’re looking for in an INL Advisory Council candidate:

Our ideal council member candidate has positivity and passion for the Lighthouse mission. They have a desire to develop relationships with the people the Lighthouse serves. In addition, they have initiative and motivation to help the Lighthouse tap into new funding sources, and work with staff to implement appropriate funding strategies.

People who join our Council:

  • want to make a direct impact in the lives of people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities.
  • have personal qualities of integrity, credibility, dedication, enthusiasm and creativity.
  • are committed and eager to attend and participate in meetings.
  • have a desire to build relationships with and steward existing donors.
  • have the ability to commit five hours monthly to stewardship activities.

Our existing Council members are:

  • skilled volunteers who act as ambassadors for the Lighthouse community. They seek to increase overall awareness of and support for the Lighthouse mission, with a focus on the Spokane area.
  • participate in opportunities to be fully immersed in the Lighthouse community. They do this through connection and cultivation activities, continuing education opportunities, and interaction with Lighthouse staff and donors.
  • empowered to serve the Lighthouse. They do this by supporting Lighthouse fundraising activities, networking in the community, and establishing new relationships with individuals and businesses.

Interested in becoming an INL Advisory Council Member? Please read the INL Advisory Council Member Job Description.

Ready to get started? Please fill out the INL Advisory Council Member Application.

Have questions? Please contact Greg Szabo, Director of Government and Public Relations, at (509) 487-0405 or email.