The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. is proud to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). The United States has been celebrating the work of disabled Americans since 1945, with the week-long recognition evolving into a month-long event. Each October, we acknowledge the employment needs and celebrate the contributions of individuals who are blind or have other disabilities.

Lighthouse Base Supply Centers are gearing up once again to commemorate NDEAM, celebrating the economic and personal independence gained through meaningful employment. Andy Bacon, who is visually impaired and the manager of our Fort Lewis Base Supply Center, has some innovative plans for commemorating NDEAM.

Andy plans to not only display NDEAM posters and distribute fliers, but is making efforts to get other blind Lighthouse employees involved with their customers. Blind and visually impaired employees will accompany interested customers through the store as they shop. Customers will wear vision simulation goggles to simulate the same visual impairments as the employee who is accompanying them. Customers will be able to experience visual conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa (tunnel vision) and macular degeneration (lack of central vision). I applaud Andy’s creativity in allowing his employees and customers to share this blindness awareness activity.

– Kirk Adams, President and CEO