Richelle Ross (right) communicates with a Job Coach (left)

Richelle Ross (right) communicates with a Job Coach (left)

For the past 30 years our daughter, Richelle, would say that her BEST days are the ones spent working at the Lighthouse. With both sight and hearing deficits, our daughter knows too well the barriers that so often exist in pursuing opportunities. But at the Lighthouse, because of friends like you, these barriers don’t exist. Richelle has been given dignity, acceptance, friendship, and a sense of self-worth through doing jobs at the Lighthouse and doing them well. Because of YOU, her job is fully accessible and her goals are hers for the taking. Your donations go directly to provide training and support services to Lighthouse employees.  Thank you for making a difference in not only my daughter’s life, but the lives of so many men and women at the Lighthouse. Because of YOU, people’s lives are better.

Thank you,

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Barbara Ross
Foundation Board President
The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

Individuals who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities in our community are waiting for a chance to succeed. Your gift today can help create that opportunity. It costs an average of $18 per employee every day to provide services through our Employee and Community Services programs. Please help shape the future for people like Trieva and so many more by giving a gift today. To put your gift to work faster you can make a donation online here or contact Faye Green at (206) 436-2199 or