We’re celebrating our 1 millionth wallboard produced by people who are blind and DeafBlind! We’ve used innovative technology to create an accessible production line, resulting in nearly 150 employment opportunities.

The Lighthouse is a catalyst for empowerment.

“Producing 1 million wallboards strongly highlights the jobs that have been created through this great partnership between the Lighthouse, Quartet, and the AbilityOne program. It symbolizes the foresight and vision within the Lighthouse,” stated Cindy Watson, Lighthouse President and CEO.

“We’ve created employment opportunities in the Spokane area, where there were previously no opportunities for people who are blind. We believe everyone, no matter their visual ability, deserves to experience the empowerment of employment.”

“The millionth wallboard to me is significant because of the journey we took to get here,” says Pat O’Hara Chief Operations Officer.

“The one thing that has always been at the forefront was creating employment opportunities for people who are blind, providing good wages, good health care to our employees, treating our customers well. And making sure that every time that customers open that box with the Lighthouse, Skilcraft, and Quartet branding on it, that wallboard is a good quality product that we are all proud of.”

“All the way through the process we’ve used technology to create accessibility for our production line.

All of our equipment is standard, off the shelf, items with some adaptations. We have voicing technology to where machines will speak to the operator. They also have large print capabilities on the monitor, and braille added to the production system.”

“Looking forward is even more exciting for me,” continues Pat O’Hara.

“The millionth wallboard is a landmark event, but the future is what we’re looking toward. The expansion of the line will bring new products into this building so we may continue to grow with our partner Quartet and be able to serve our customers to make sure that they have the best quality product, a high-quality product that is being built by people who are blind.”

Today the Lighthouse has delivered over $70 million worth of wallboards and will be delivering upwards of around 14,000-15,000 boards per month, 95% of which is produced by people who are blind.

Cindy Watson stated, “Making a quality product that’s competitively priced to sell to our government customer is tremendously important to us as sales equal employment. That’s really what it boils down to is employment so that we may empower people who are blind.”