Chelsea is a transplant to the Seattle area and has enjoyed exploring this beautiful region over the last four years and making it home. Chelsea is a Southern native and a graduate from Auburn University, and has been working in the aerospace industry for over 15 years, holding various leadership roles and watching and participating in the industry’s market and technology growth.

In exploring ways she could volunteer and build a sense of community, a peer introduced her to the Lighthouse. After a tour, she was completely blown away and humbled by the Lighthouse, its mission, and its people.

“As a sighted person, I want to educate myself about the blind and deafblind community and engage on how to make opportunities and awareness for the blindness community more prevalent – starting with my place of employment and network.”

Chelsea is the mother of two children, Chloe (17) and Knox (5) and wants to be for them, the change and example she hopes to see in the world – for all people, from all walks of life.

“I’m excited to be a part of this amazing organization and learning how to best serve the mission it represents.”

portrait of Chelsea, a light-skinned woman smiling and standing