Lighthouse Production Worker Jolynn Page (left) introduces her guide dog during a School Tour.

Lighthouse Production Worker  Jolynn Page (left) introduces her  guide dog during a School Tour. 

In addition to providing employment opportunities, the Lighthouse offers a wide range of programs and services for employees who are blind and DeafBlind. Computer training classes, braille courses, our acclaimed DeafBlind Retreat, and DeafBlind Community Classes, as well as a program to educate elementary school students about blindness are just a few of the employee and community services we offer.

Average cost of services per person per year
Total hours of service delivered
Total people served by ECS

People Served by ECS

Pictured: A vertically stacked graph with colored bars showing the percentage of total people served by ECS, and the number of each segmented group of people who received services.


58% – 233 Employees who are blind
19% – 76 Community members who are DeafBlind
10% – 39 Employees who are DeafBlind
7% – 28 Employees who are sighted
5% – 20 Community members who are blind
1% – 4 Community members who are sighted