Your generosity allows us to meet people on their journey of vision loss. Your gifts provide the necessary support, funding the services critical for navigating the intricacies of work and life for people who are blind.

Employees are able to work in accessible environments and receive ongoing training and support, enhancing skills that lead to upward mobility and empowerment.

Your Gift Provides:

  • Braille Literacy Program
  • Computer Training
  • Interpreting Services & Protactile American Sign Language
  • Orientation and Mobility Training
  • Low Vision Clinic & Store
  • Technology Training Center
  • And much more!

You are making a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities. Thank you!

Tim Paulding holding a white cane with his other hand on the shoulder of an employee in Spokane

“One of the really unique and important things about what we do here is that we provide services directly to our employees before anything else.”

Tim Paulding, ECS Services & Instructional Manager

Bar graph showing breakdown of contributions:

  • $58,736 In-Kind Gifts
  • $309,258 Individual Contributions
  • $589,702 Trusts & Bequests
  • $557,571 Corporations & Foundations
  • $131,881 Government Grants

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