We thank Katy for her commitment to the Lighthouse and its mission. During her 25 years of service on our Board of Trustees, Katy was involved with the initial opening of the Base Supply Center business, participated in the expansion process to our Spokane and South Carolina locations, played a part in hiring the Organization’s first CEO who is blind (Kirk Adams) and was instrumental in the recruitment and hiring of our current President and CEO, Cindy Watson.

In the early 1990’s, Katy first served the Lighthouse on the Ernst & Young audit team. In 1996, the Lighthouse was fortunate to welcome her to our Board of Trustees, where she diligently served on or led numerous board committees. In January 2019, she was elected Board Chair and served for the next two years, including 2020 with its unprecedented pandemic challenges. Her passion, thorough preparation, problem-solving ability, and financial acumen were highly valued by her fellow trustees and the management team, alike. We wholeheartedly thank her for her years of dedication, energy, and unwavering support.

Board of Trustees

Katherine Beck, Chair
Jude P. Johnson, Vice Chair

Gen. Peter Chiarelli (Ret.)
Harold Egler
Paul Lwali
Gary Mackenstadt
Matthew Pedersen
Bennett Prows
Paul Reed
Barbara Ross
Mark Rowley
Bradley Wiens

A medium portrait of Katy Beck, a light skinned, blonde haired woman. She is smiling and wearing a large purple necklace and purple blazer.