Bar graph showing breakdown of contributions:

  • $97,000 Bequests
  • $168,000 Individual Trusts
  • $309,000 Individual Giving
  • $397,000 Corporations & Foundations
  • $199,000 In-Kind Donations
  • $140,000 Government Grants

Total Donor Contributions $1,310,000

Bar graph showing various amounts of contributions to the Lighthouse

Foundation Board

Brad Wiens, President
David Kidd, Co-Vice President
Doug Fischer, Co-Vice President
Meghan Fox
Laura Hard
Kirk Laughlin
Barbara Ross
Sandy Amodt
Caitlin Bannister
Maury Costantini

INL (Inland Northwest Lighthouse) Advisory Council

Laura Hard, Chair
Lorna Walsh, Vice Chair
Pam Beasley
Joel Crosby
John Dubay
Gary Jespersen
Kirk Laughlin
Fred LeFriec
Don Mollet

Board of Trustees

Jude Johnson, Chair
Paul Reed, Vice Chair
Peter Chiarelli, Vice Chair
Alan Chaffee
Harold Egler
Paul Lwali
Gary Mackenstadt
Matthew Pedersen
Ramona Pierson
Bennett Prows
Mark Rowley

Quotes from our Foundation Board Members

“Joining the Lighthouse has been instrumental in teaching me about challenges that people face, especially those that are visually impaired. I have seen the work that the Lighthouse does, from raising awareness and providing accommodations, to providing work training that allows people who are blind to work and live independently. Being on the Foundation Board has allowed me to serve my community in deeply impactful ways. Working with a traditionally marginalized group and raising awareness for them is so powerful.” – David Kidd, Foundation Board Co-Vice President

“The Lighthouse is something special for the sense of belonging they bring to this community. I am proud and humbled to work on behalf of this organization.” – Meg Fox, Foundation Board Member

“I started volunteering because I was genuinely blown away by how this organization creates employment opportunities for those that would otherwise not be able to find meaningful and sustainable work. The Lighthouse has adapted the manufacturing environment to compliment the needs of their employees, creating an atmosphere of inspiration, teamwork, collaboration and ultimately producing amazing products. The Foundation Board and INL Council give me the platform to tell our community about what this organization does and why it is so vitally important.” – Laura Hard, INL Advisory Council Chair & Foundation Board Member

Partners In Empowerment Donor Wall

February is Low Vision Awareness month, and to celebrate the launch of our Low Vision Clinic & Store, the Lighthouse started its first ever donor wall. The Partners in Empowerment donor wall was created as a tactile celebration of the generosity of our donors to the Low Vision Services program.

Beautiful honeycomb shaped tiles with inscriptions in print and braille create a multicolored mosaic in the Low Vision Store, where visitors can engage with it and be reminded of the support they have in the community.

Opportunities to get on the wall are limited. Make a gift of a certain level during one of our twice-yearly low vision campaigns to join! Email to learn more.

Partners in Empowerment Donor Wall. A dark blue wall with grey, light blue, and purple honeycomb shaped tiles across it.
A close up of purple, light blue, and grey tiles. Each tile lists names written in text and braille.

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. is incredibly grateful for the donors who have supported employment opportunities and services for individuals who are blind and DeafBlind in our community. Because of each and every one of you, we are able to continue empowering those who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities through diverse, sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities.


The following symbol denotes members of our Board of Trustees, Foundation Board,
and our INL Advisory Council: 

+ Board or Council Member

Amy Koehl
Ann and Loren Anderson
Barbara Sandberg +
Bennett Prows +
Bev and Paul Fletcher
Bill and Rebecca Smead
Bob and Robin Wright
Brad and Molly Wiens +
Brooks and Suzanne Ragen
Bruce and Judy Walker
Carmen Glynn
Carol Quigg
Charlotte Johnson
Cindy and Robert Watson
Conrad Hanson
Daniel Donegan
Dave and Judy Ruehlmann
David and Rachal Kidd +
Diana Crombie
Diana Dundore
Diane Askey
Dianna and Howard Dickerman
Donna and Henry Robinett
Doug and Billie Klan
Doug and Shaune Godfrey
Doug Fischer and Stephen Hadden
Dr. Richard Ladner and Ann Sauer
Etienne and Nancy Debaste
Eve and Chap Alvord
Frank and Sharon Bouten

Frederick Mendoza
Gary Jespersen +
George Abbott
George Putnam Johnson and Martha Skarperud Johnson
Gerald and Thomas Gose
Glenda Jorgensen
Glenn and Ursula McCully
Hannah Love and Julie Garbutt
Helen Stusser
Hugh Phillips
James and Marie Borgman
Jane and James Kinyoun
Jane Ellen Worthen
Janet and James Linardos
Jay and Mary Jane Jones
Joanne and Junius Rochester
Joanne Schoenfeld and Stuart Orenstein
Jude Johnson +
Karen Johnson and Douglas Hildie
Katherine Perry
Katy Beck and Brian Chopp
Kirk Greene
Kris Trulin and Michael Swindling
Larry Harle
Laura Hard +
Lawrence Schall
Le Etta and William Benke
Louise and David Luthy
Marguerite and Paul Harvey
Mark and Rosanne Perry
Mark Rowley +

Mary Cabrian
Matt and Gesina Pedersen +
Maury Costantini
Meghan and Elliott Fox +
Melanie Wimmenauer
Michiko and Hajime Hirata
Miles Otoupal
Nicole Gibran and Frank Isik
Nonnie and Kirk Laughlin +
Pat and Christine O’Hara
Paul and Carol Lwali +
Paul and Charlotte Reed +
Peter Chiarelli +
Philip Stoller and Susan Backus-Stoller
Raj and Kamal Sidhu
Robert and Julie Francis
Robert Jay Auslander and Mary Gail Mannering-Auslander
Robert S. and Kathleen Johnson
Ron and Jane Wagner
Ronald and Barbara Ross +
Roslyn and Kirk Adams
Ruby McLachlan
Sandra Amodt +
Shani and Kirk Neamen
Stephanie Yates and Stuart Leonard
Susan and Richard Kasperson
Tom Kuebler
Vicki Soderberg Parry
Wayne and Jody Burns
William and Colleen Hawes
William and Joanne Fraser


The following symbols denote members of our Board of Trustees, Foundation Board,
INL Advisory Council, and our Lighthouse Legacy Society: 

* Board or Council Member
+ Legacy Society Member

Adam and Kate Wiegel
Adi and Anat Weshler
Adrienne Edmonson and Michael Knodt
Al Deyoung
Alberta Finley
Alexander Mogilevsky and Anna Khapman
Alice Bettencourt
Alice Panagakis
Allan and Barbara Rumpf
Allan Brookes
Andrew Karlsson
Andrew Loys
Anjli Chaudhry
Ann Slonecker
Ann Tuohy
Ann Zeppieri
Anne Velasquez
Antoinette Lyerla
Audry and Robert McKinnis
Aurora and Dominick Driano
Barbara Bryant and Darryl Johnson
Barbara Innes
Barbara Miller and Susan Night
Barbara Rice
Barbara Ross
Barbara Shank
Barbara Tochiura
Becky and Roderick Morcom
Becky DeWaters
Bernita Bontraer
Betsy Maurer
Beverley Losey
Beverly Holbrook
Beverly Majka
Biji Keigley
Billie and Philip Bleyhl
Bjorn Matz
Bob and Robin Wright
Bob and Susan Kuebler
Bonnie and Daniel Bauer
Brian Foreman
Bruce Cross and Karen P. Kruse
C. Dean and Shirley Hobson
Candace and Don Ludeman
Carl Cannon
Carleton Bulkin
Carol Anson
Carol Bosch
Carol Cleaves
Carolyn and Benjamin Dy
Carolyn Loew
Carrol Gray
Caryl Yeager
Catherine Iles
Catherine Noble
Catherine Sommer
Catherine Tourville
Cathleen King
Cecelia Quirk
Charlene Boyd
Charles and Loc Packer
Charles Eaton
Chi-Mei Yang
Christiana Pavkovic
Christine and Alvin Orwiler
Christine Tredup
Claudia Fernsworth
Conrad and JoAnn Roseburg
Coraline and Larry Myers
Courtney King
Craig and Margaret Haines
Curt Collyer
Cynthia and John Upthegrove
Dale Schultz
Dan and Gretchen Butler
Daniel Bangert
Darlene and Larry Kosoff
Darren and Diane Fox
Dave Hill
David and Andrea Schneebeck
David and Marie Chorlton
David and Marilyn Gruhn
David Johnson
David May and Marsha Bradbury
David Romine
David Wytko
Deanna Isabell and Andrew Bacon
Deborah and Richard Berger
Deborah Chen
Deborah Rustin
Denise and Gary Mackenstadt +
Denise Fischer
Dennis and Catherine Roginski
Diana and Joe Ohashi
Diana Crombie
Diane and Darrel Hester
Diane Steen
Dianne Dickeman
Dick and Faye Gillett
Dick Jensen and Mary McKee
Dipti Chrastha
Don Mollet
Donald Duncan
Donald Noe
Donald Syria
Donna and Joseph Schmidt
Donna Palmberg
Douglas and Ellen Sellen
Dudley Brown
Dwight Palmer
Dylan Yuste
Eileen and Howard Putter
Eileen Gannon
Einer and Marilyn Handeland
Elaine and Timothy Kangas
Elaine Richards
Eleanora McClelland
Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth Rosenthal
Ellis and J. Cohen
Eric Schumann
Erika Sweger
Ernest and Annie Walker
Eugene May
Evelyn Korhonen
Evilo Schwab
Farida and Pod Abdul Ghani Hakim
Faye Green
Flavie and Hoa Nguyen
Floy Carter
Frances Wada
Fred Stanley
Gail Golden
Gale Woodworth
Gary and Isablel Ernest
Gary Mudd
Gayle Hennings
George and Beverly Cohee
Geraldine Haworth
Gilbert Joynt
Gillian and Doug Bardin
Gladys and Norman Anderson
Glen and Adrian Cook
Glenda and Robert Wilson
Glenn Light
Gloria and David Yoshino
Grace and John Steers
Grace Carlson
Gray Cantwell
Greg and Ann Wimmenauer
Greg Szabo
Gregory Brigance
Gregory Lahti
Harper Wendy
Harriet Deutsch
Harry Egler +
Harry Griffin
Helen Langer Smith
Heng-pin Kiang

Henry Kuharic
Henry Noble
Hisako and Nicholas Marvais
Holly and Byron Kaczmarski
Imanta Ikstrums
Irene Epstein
Irene Lindquist
Irene Thorson
Irene Utley
J and T Leendertse
Jack Lloyd and Charlene Davies
Jacqueline Paquette
James and Krista Ferguson
James and Mary Bergman
James Braden
James Dixon
James Oskroba
James Ritzman
Jan and Leo Vandervort
Jan Hajnosz
Jane Pritz
Jane Westerfield
Janet and Jay Potter
Janet and Joachim Lewinsohn
Janet Lenhardt
Janice Anderson
Janie and Ron Dymond
Janis and Dick Miller
Jared Brenner
Jason Hubbard
Jay and Suzanne Canson
Jay Schwartz
Jean Salls
Jeanette Finch
Jeannine and Ron Sielinski
Jeff and Jinnie Truthan
Jeff and Julia Snow
Jeff Arnold
Jeffrey and Marsha Nemitz
Jeffrey and Stacy Deuel
Jennifer Crown
Jenny Avaylon
Jeremy Jobling
Jesse and Jen Tofte
Jessie Irene Fernandes
Jill and Dan Hanken
Jill Stark
Jim and Dianne Johnston
Jim Markovich
Joan Oestriech
Joan Woerner
Joanne Bradley
Joe and Ann Fitzpatrick
Joe Tomasulo and Angel Maenhardt-Tomasulo
Johanna Schleyer
John and Dona Clay
John and Juanita Nordin
John and Pamela Bigas
John Briggs
John Caples Belvel
John Cvitkovic
John Dubay +
John Gagliardo
John Monsour
John Savage
John Schrecker
John Waring
Jon Schorsch
Jonathan and Jennifer Cornwell
Jonathan D’Aleo
Jonathan Dymond
Jonathan Krug
Jonathan Tanner
Joni Campbell
Joseph Mintz
Judith and George Shea
Judith Scheinuk
Judy and John Koppelman
Judy Potter
Julia Olsen
June and Richard Erickson
Ka Yun Lao
Karel Deibel
Karen Diss
Karen Dunn
Karen Fuhrwerk
Karen Getman
Karen Johnson and Douglas Hildie
Karen Szudera
Karey Blakely
Karl Schaeffler
Karthik and Chandra Jeyabalan
Kathleen Sherry
Kathryn Klosky
Kathy Kline
Kathy Perry
Kay Davis
Kayla Dishman
Keiko Namekata
Kelly Gordon
Kenneth and Jeanine Long
Kent Breidenstein and Dana Marmion
Kevin Chen
Kevin Jeyakumar
Kevin Kirk
Kim Brandt
Kim Covlin
Kimberly Han
Kristen Kelln
Kristine and David Harper
Larry Hamilton
Larry Kossof
Lawrence and Sarah Hott
Leanne and J.Dean Shirey
Leanne Kunkel
Len and Tamera McKay
Lena Berg
Leslie Crossitt
Lester Tardiff
Libby and Bill Moore
Lillian Zeigler
Linda and Gundar Grundberg
Linda Day
Linda Ejde
Linda Kanter
Linda Lynn
Linda Richards
Lola Deane and Cynthia Goss
Lori Howard
Lorna Walsh and Garry Shea +
Louis and Christine Green
Louise and Kenneth Izumi
Louise and Richard Guthrie
Louise Jones
Lynn Kase
M Roberta Campbell
Maralee and Phillip Barto
Marcia and Richard Appleton
Marcia Parsons
Margaret and Tom Hazeltine
Margaret Cowman
Margi Abbott
Marguerite Condon and Ardith Schrag
Marie Gyllenskog
Marie Kernie
Marie Sauter
Marilyn Cline
Marilyn Keroff
Maritza Dowe
Marjan Petty
Marjorie and Ralph Domenowske
Mark and Rosanne Perry
Mark Durfee
Mark Stinson
Marsha Schoene and Marshall Langohr
Marsha Williams and Russell Haydon
Martin Siegel
Mary and Verneil Huggins
Mary Anne Stusser and Charles Martin
Mary Jean Nicholls
Mary Lucchesi

Maulik Lalani
Maura Lamensky
Maxine Snyder
Meg Johnson
Meghan and Elliott Fox
Mel Johnson
Melanie Drozdowski
Melville and Janet McIntyre
Michael and Althea Mosa
Michael and Connie Pete
Michael Dire
Michael, Mona and Diane Buckley
Michelle Conners
Mike Leibold
Minako and Patrick Kunihiro
Mithilesh Patel
Mizue Fujinuma
Mohit Kumar
Monika Cetnarowski and Niko Lagen
Nancy and James Bardeen
Nancy Bezzo
Nancy Brown
Nancy Gates
Nancy Harris
Nancy Hill Bain
Natalie Novak
Nora Laughlin
Noreen Gomez
Pam Beasley +
Pamela Grimes
Parth Mannan
Pat Amodt
Pat and Mike Fournier
Patricia Borth
Patricia Crockett and Keith Johnson
Patricia Hanson
Patricia Jolin
Patrick Fisk
Patrick Selfridge
Paul and Nedra Gallagher
Peggy Schafran
Peter and Christine Van Dussen
Peter and Cynthia Lange
Peter Dabbieri
Petra and John Hansen
Phillip Gladfelter
Phillips Wood and Judy Mahoney
Phoebe Ann Moore
Quinton Kendall
Rachel Lazar
Randall and Barb Angell
Randi Schneider
Randy Quintero
Reginald and Sherilyn Jones
Renata Kanclerz
Rhonda Apfel
Rhonda King and Chris Carle
Richard and Dr. Karla Aylen
Richard and Rosalie Rose
Richard Lowe
Richard Mathes
Richard O’Shea
Richard Peek
Riff Jiang
Rita Bergin
Rob Dietz
Robert and Anne Stanley
Robert and Cathy Bean
Robert and Hilary White
Robert and Lynn Chase
Robert and Nancy Burr
Robert Barker and Traci Ebert
Robert Breese
Robert Hanna
Robert Hoye-Logan
Robert McMaster
Robert Stowell
Robert Weigand
Roberta and Gene Rosso
Robin Toth
Ron and Carol Vandervort
Rosemary and Delbert Mckinney
Rosemary and Larry Brester
Ruth and Al Paige
Ryan Pattee
Sabra Cleveland
Sagar Kulkarni
Sandra and Jerry Strait
Sandra and Lyn Johnson
Sandra Haynes
Sandra Walgren
Sarah Wellik
Scott and Anne Prather
Scott and Kelley Opperud
Scott Anderson
Shalendra Chhabra
Sharon and Jerry Mortenson
Sharon Swift
Shelley Kloba
Shirley and Richard Broderick
Shirley Cross
Shmuel El-Ad
Shonil Kulkarni
Shraga and Pnina Eliav
Sondra Hannafan
Sourish Vaghulade
Spencer and Kathryn LeFriec
Starr Andersen
Stefanie Knowlton
Stephanie Gronholz
Stephanie Ward
Stephen and Marcie Breese
Steve Ice
Steven and Doreen Schulfer
Steven and Lynda Shelton
Steven Ruedy
Steven Saarela
Susan and Thomas Oas
Susan Parker
Susan Wallerstein
Susan Zwiers
Sybil McConaughy
Sylvia and Thomas Ponder
Sylvia Hobbs
Sylvia Lucas
Tara and Peter Lawrence
Tejas and Hemlata Mistry
Teresa Summers
Terry Butler
Theresa Wilson
Thomas and Stacy Raglione
Thomas McCoy
Thomas Zilly
Timothy and Diana Dotson
Tom and Susan Rigos
Tonia Spurr and Donald Hammer
Toula and Panos Koutlas
Tristan Victoroff
Truong Tang
Trupti Mande
Tyler Eckel
Tyler Kaye
Tyler Smith
Valerie Nieznanski
Vaughn and Karen Williams
Victor Chan
Virginia and Thomas Henderson
Virginia Ray
W. Paul and Monica Manly
W.R. and Margaret Redman
Warren and Carolyn Booth
Will Stuck
William and Ava Lauby
William Henline
William Kitchens
William Ligon
William Stockdale
William Weller
William Whetham
Y F Fanny and Chun-Ming Wong
Yvette White

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