The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. is very excited to announce that the Board of Trustees approved the Lighthouse’s new Accessibility and Training Policy on March 22, 2011. The Lighthouse is proud to have the support of the Board of Trustees in making accessibility a top priority at all Lighthouse locations. Thank you to Training and Accessibility Ad Hoc Committee members Bruce Walker, Fred Mendoza, Patrick Sullivan, Marlaina Lieburg, Dr. Phil Hatlen, Tami Berk, Constance Engelstad, Kirk Adams, Peggy Martinez, and Ron Morey. Thank you to Sub Committee Members Mark Landreneau, Don Swaney, Deng Kong, Julie Brannon, Mike King, Meg Johnson, and Dana Van Dussen for their invaluable input and support. Seattle Lighthouse’s Peggy Martinez, in her new role as Accessibility Manager, will oversee the process, and is hard at work gathering employee feedback, ideas, and input to implement the policy.

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

Accessibility and Training Policy

Title: Accessibility and Training

Submitted by: Ad Hoc Committee on Accessibility and Training

Date: September 27, 2010

Revised by Sub Committee 12/10, and by Ad Hoc 1/4/2011

Approved by Board of Trustees 3/22/11

Approved By: Sub Committee, Accessibility Ad Hoc, and Board of Trustees

Scope: Organization Wide

Purpose: To establish with clarity the commitment of the Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. to promote, facilitate and encourage innovative accessibility and training initiatives throughout its organization.

Policy: It is the policy of the Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. and the Board of Trustees to encourage, develop and implement innovative accessibility and training initiatives at all levels of the organization. This commitment extends to providing appropriate human and financial resource support in an on-going and intentional effort to promote employment of people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, or blind with other disabilities. This commitment is crucial to support the implementation of initiatives which align with the strategic goals and mission of the Lighthouse, and includes the support of the CEO.

Procedure: In order to effectively implement this policy the following initiatives will be undertaken:

  • The CEO will establish a standing management committee named “Accessibility and Training”. The Accessibility Manager will serve as chair, and the committee will include representatives from Administration, Operations, Deaf-Blind Program, Employee & Community Services, Information Technology, Finance, and qualified community members that represent our diverse population. The Committee may call on other departments as needed for specialized input. The committee will draft its own Charter to be approved by the CEO and will meet at least one time per quarter, or more often as determined by the Accessibility Manager. The committee will develop an in-depth awareness of existing accessibility and training initiatives at the Lighthouse, as well as fully understanding the barriers and obstacles that limit opportunities for advancement. It is the role of this committee, along with the Accessibility Manager, to eliminate identified barriers and to lead in navigating identified obstacles.
  • Ensure accessibility is taken into account as a basic criteria of each new product, service, and built environment including facilities that the Lighthouse considers developing.
  • Annually the Accessibility Manager is responsible to develop and present a budget to the CEO. The Accessibility Manager will receive input from this committee as well as other staff and stakeholders to develop a specific list of initiatives as well as discretionary funds required to meet stated accessibility training goals. It will include an amount to meet the needs of unforeseen opportunities that may arise during the year.
  • Minutes of each committee meeting will be documented by a member designated by the chairperson. These minutes will be distributed to appropriate staff and stakeholders.
  • Annually the chairperson of the committee will report to the Board of Trustees on progress made during the preceding year.
  • The committee will review annually all initiatives in place to assess their value and recommend continuation, expansion, modification, further observation or abandonment. Recommendations will be developed and reviewed with department supervisors, managers and the CEO.
  • The committee will provide input into the development of Accessibility standards for all Lighthouse locations, and will review these standards on a regular basis to be determined by the committee.