President and Interim CEO Harry Egler

President and Interim CEO Harry Egler

On May 2nd, 2016, The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. welcomed a familiar leader: President and Interim CEO Harry Egler.

Harry joins the Lighthouse at a crucial time; he will embark on the journey to find the next President and CEO while working to sustain the phenomenal growth the organization has experienced over the last decade.

Having joined the Board of Trustees in 2006, Harry is not new to the Lighthouse family. After an inspiring tour that year, he has been involved ever since.

“The honor is all mine. Getting to know the employees and seeing our mission every day is inspiring,” says Harry when asked about his new role. “The transition to this new position makes me happy. We are making a difference in peoples’ lives and I get to be part of that,” he notes.

He picks up the reigns at a pivotal point in the history of the Lighthouse; a task he doesn’t take lightly. “I am learning everyday about the opportunities that the Lighthouse has and the complexities that go into making this organization the success that it is.”

Over the next twelve months he will not only lead the organization through a nationwide search for a new leader who is blind, but also guide the organization during our expansion into South Carolina.

“It has been 25 years since there has been an organization like the Lighthouse in South Carolina. It is a huge opportunity for us to serve a community that is in need of job opportunities for people who are blind.”

Harry joined the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) at the Lighthouse on February 29th to overlap with Kirk Adams during the transition. When asked what his observations were during his first month he remarked, “The passion and dedication by employees in every department of the Lighthouse, whether in Operations, or in the Employee & Community Services Department, is incredible.”