Board of Trustees

Paul Reed, Chair
Peter Chiarelli, Vice Chair
Harry Egler, Vice Chair


Alan Chaffee
John Craddock
Matthew Janusauskas
Jude Johnson
Gary Mackenstadt
Matthew Pedersen
Mark Rowley

Foundation Board of Directors

David Kidd, President
Meg Fox, Vice President


Sandra Amodt
Caitlin Bannister
Dave Bertsch
John Dubay
Roya Fereidouni
Melody Furze
Laura Hard
Marieke Iwema
Gary Jespersen

Kirk Laughlin
Paul Lwali
Chelsea McLaughlin
Don Mollet
Yue Ou
Barbara Ross
Barbara Sandberg
Lorna Walsh

The Board of Trustees supports and guides the strategic focus of the organization. The Board of Trustees consists of members who have strengths in key areas of expertise and guidance where it can be of the greatest benefit to advance the Lighthouse mission. Learn more about becoming a Lighthouse Board of Trustees member.

The Foundation Board of Directors supports Lighthouse programs and services through outreach and cultivation activities, continuing education opportunities, and networking as ambassadors to the community. Foundation Board members are skilled volunteers who act as ambassadors in the community and seek to increase overall awareness of and support for the Lighthouse mission. Learn more about becoming a Foundation Board of Directors member.

Strategic Leadership Team

George Abbott — President & CEO
Pat O’Hara — Chief Operations Officer
Rabi Gupta — Chief Financial Officer
Diana Crombie — Vice President of Business Systems
Shawn Dobbs — Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations
Amy Koehl — Vice President of Employee & Community Services
Ron Wagner — Vice President of Human Resources
Melanie Wimmenauer – Vice President of Retail & Service Business

Our Mission:

“We empower people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities by creating diverse, sustainable, and meaningful employment opportunities.”

Our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement:

We are dedicated to strengthening our mission by eliminating barriers to employment and services. We are committed to individuals from a spectrum of backgrounds, cultures, identities, and abilities to authentically guide our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. We celebrate these diverse perspectives. We pledge to make these values central to our hiring practices, upward mobility initiatives, and to the development of our leadership, business lines, programs, and community services.