Meg and her mom

Meg Fox (right) and her mother (left)

I get asked often, “What attracted you to the Lighthouse?” The mission and values that guide this organization are undeniable.  But for me, there was a deeper connection to the Lighthouse and the opportunities they provide to individuals who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities in our community.

My mother has been legally blind since she was a teenager. She has a condition called Stargardt disease. It is an inherited disorder that causes the retina to deteriorate, ultimately leading to central vision loss. While she may have considered herself limited at times, I have a very different perspective. 

My earliest childhood memories are of her baking Christmas cookies in the kitchen, attending every event my sister and I were involved with, and being the life of the party. I knew my mom couldn’t drive a vehicle and sometimes needed my help reading a recipe, but she is resourceful and independent. Her sight has deteriorated but she has adapted through the use of amazing technological advancements. I am incredibly lucky to have grown up with her, and experience the advantages and benefits of working with individuals with disabilities. This has shaped my career in human resources and why I joined the Foundation Board at The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

Upon every visit to the Lighthouse, I reflect on how my mother would have benefited from being a part of this vibrant community. The computer training, braille resources, and career opportunities are exceptional. The Lighthouse is something special — not just for these resources, but for the sense of belonging they bring to this community.  I am proud and humbled to work on behalf of this organization, and to grow the future development and expansion of the Lighthouse’s programs and services.

Article submitted by Meghan Fox
Foundation Board Member
Director of Human Resources, Whole Foods Market, Inc.