Orientation and Mobility Specialist/Rehab Teaching – Independent Living Program – Seattle, WA

The purpose of the Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialist position is to provide training in daily living and adaptive communication techniques, education/consultation, safe travel training and information & referral to community members who have low vision through the Lighthouse’s Independent Living Program (ILP). The O&M specialist works collaboratively with coworkers on the team, and with community partners. They ensure clients 24 years old and above receive comprehensive adaptive skills training to help each individual achieve their goals for independence.

Responsibilities of the Orientation and Mobility Specialist include, but are not limited to:

  • Teach skills of independent living. This include navigation and basic cane skills for individuals who have low vision or are blind.
  • Assess home environment. Recommend approaches to enhance independence. Teach skills such as marking appliances, independent medicine management, and other in-home skills.
  • Assess and provide training on adaptive communications skills.  Introduce accessibility techniques for smart phones/tablets.
  • Provide training on devices to make best use of remaining vision as needed.
  • Provide presentations, education, consultation, and technical assistance to community members and organizations as approved
  • Participate and support ECS Department initiatives as needed.

Requirements of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • ACVREP certification required
  • Ability to meet the background and education/experience levels required for ILP/DSB contracts required
  • Three (3) + years experience providing Orientation and Mobility training and instruction preferred
  • Demonstrated knowledge of a wide range of low vision aids and devices
  • Dual competency in Orientation & Mobility and Rehabilitation Teaching or CLVT strongly preferred
  • This job requires daily travel in the field to peoples’ homes and in the community

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Low Vision Services at the Lighthouse

Lighthouse Low Vision Services offers programs to empower individuals affected by vision loss. Programs are available at our Seattle location and through home visits in the Puget Sound Region.

The Lighthouse Low Vision Clinic offers functional vision assessments by our residency trained optometrist. Services also include rehabilitation training by a certified occupational therapist. Working collaboratively, the clinic team crafts individualized goals and finds ways to maximize vision and function so that clients can perform daily living tasks.

Through our ILP program, instructors visit the homes of clients. There, they work with clients to teach new ways to perform the tasks of everyday living. These tasks may include appliance use, medication management, telephone and time telling techniques, and reading and writing. Lighthouse Orientation and Mobility Instructors help clients to achieve travel goals. Instructors will work with clients on skills such as moving around their home and neighborhood safely and independently. They will also help with instruction on traveling by bus or paratransit. We help clients learn new skills to transition successfully into vision loss.