After years of doing advocacy work himself, Greg Szabo, Director of Government and Public Relations, is now training fellow employees to be advocates for people who are blind.

Participating in advocacy training is an incredible opportunity for employees to not only make a difference, but also enhance skills like networking and public speaking. Through this program, they will have the opportunity to lead tours, connect with local officials, and share their personal stories.

Nicole Corbett, Computer & Assistive Technology Instructor, wanted to participate in advocacy training because the issue is personal to her.  “I wish that I would have had someone advocate for blindness more where I came from. Now I’ve seen that people who are blind do so much more than what I was taught.”

Nicholas Shively, Production Lead, is excited to get involved in local government! He shares, “It’s always intrigued me how things get done in government. I’ve always felt I need to learn about how things get done. It’s kind of a dream situation for me.” He also notes the impact that getting involved can have.

Deng Kong, Receptionist & Office Assistant and advocate in training, is excited for the opportunity to get involved. She shares, “I thought this would be a good way to get back into being active in my community. I love to be face-to-face, interacting with people and this provides that opportunity.”

Newly trained advocates from our Seattle facility include Deng Kong and Nicole Corbett. From Spokane are Karl Schaeffler, Nicholas Shively, and Wanda Johnson. Dexter Gibbs and Pendah Goode have joined from Summerville.

George Abbott smiling in the garden holding a white cane

Nicole Corbett, Computer & Assistive Technology Instructor

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