In June of 2019, Sight Connection, a fellow non-profit focusing on providing low vision services, closed its doors, leaving an immense gap in the King County area for people who have low vision. With so many people dependent on those services, we knew we had to step up and fill the gap.

Our Low Vision Services program has been up and running for almost a year and a half, providing a variety of services that are available to the community. Because of the pandemic, many of our services have transitioned to virtual spaces, but we are continually looking for creative and meaningful ways to meet the needs of our community.

Dr. Anna Shagas, formerly at Sight Connection, is now our resident optometrist in the new Low Vision Clinic, and our Low Vision Store is a singular dedicated space for people to purchase assistive tools and devices.

Image of an eye exam in process. One woman with her back to the camera is sitting in an exam chair. Dr. Shagas is sitting next to a large eye chart, pointing to a row of letters.