Welfare calls to find out if employees need assistance (icon of phone ringing) Barriers & tactile landmarks to reinforce direction of travel (icon of gears) One-way aisles to facilitate social distancing (icon of arrows moving left and right) Masks required at all times while indoors (icon of mask) Distanced work stations (icon of people standing at a distance) Temperature checks (icon of thermometer)

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the day to day lives of people and businesses in far-reaching and lasting ways. When Governor Inslee initially made the “stay at home” order in March of 2020, The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. moved swiftly to ensure the safety of all our employees in all our facilities across the U.S. Our manufacturing facilities began operating with limited workforce, focusing on select operations and providing products and services deemed essential by the Federal Government, while sending many employees in the Seattle and Spokane locations home to work virtually, and placing several others on a temporary, standby status.

As restrictions have lifted and employees have begun returning to work, we have put in place accessible safety and security measures like temperature checks, mask mandates, and social distancing protocols to safeguard our employees, many of whom are blind, DeafBlind or blind with other disabilities.

Throughout this uniquely challenging year the focus for the Lighthouse has always been on our employees and the tools and resources they need to safely do their jobs. Employment is the means of our mission, and our goal is empowerment.