Accessible Workspaces

The Lighthouse is dedicated to providing an accessible work environment to all employees. This includes providing braille displays, adaptive computer technology, enhanced lighting, and more. Each employee has the opportunity to customize their environment to suit their individual needs.

Braille Literacy

Braille literacy is a vital skill for upward mobility and employment. The Lighthouse seeks to address this need through classes and individual instruction. Braille training is now available to be taught remotely.

Computer Training

The Lighthouse has four computer training labs at our different locations. There, employees can learn to use a wide range of adaptive technology resources, software applications, and skills for upward mobility. Computer training can be either remote or in person.

DeafBlind Program

The DeafBlind Program creates a space for DeafBlind people to come together, share, and learn information in an accessible format and environment. The Lighthouse employs more people who are DeafBlind than any other organization in the U.S.

Roger Poulin, TTC Computer & AT Skills Instructor, a light skinned man with a long grey beard signing while an interpreter stands behind him.

Roger Poulin, TTC Computer & Assistive Technology Skill Instructor working with an interpreter providing tactile feedback 

David Miller, Senior O&M Specialist & DeafBlind community member

David Miller, Senior O&M Specialist stands in front of a city bus with Alberto Gonzales

Ethel L. Dupar Fragrant Garden

The Ethel L. Dupar Fragrant Garden is a beautiful place for employees and community members to relax and relieve stress during the workday and enjoy the sensory experience of the fragrant garden.

Independent Living Program

The Independent Living Program (ILP) provides instruction to help individuals new to vision loss learn new techniques to perform everyday tasks.

Interpreting Services & Protactile American Sign Language

The lighthouse hires freelance interpreters to meet the needs of DeafBlind employees and employees who use a language other than spoken English. Employees who are blind or sighted have the opportunity to learn basic American Sign Language to better communicate with their coworkers.

Low Vision Clinic & Store

Available to the community as well as employees, our Low Vision Clinic and Store seek to meet the immense gap in services for individuals with low vision. Rehabilitation services, clinical exams, and a store offer tools to assist people as they adjust to vision loss.

Orientation & Mobility Program

Our Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialists ensure that individuals who are blind can safely travel to work, home, and around their communities. Our O&M Specialists equip people with the technology, tools, and training needed to safely and independently navigate their communities. Skills instruction includes white cane travel, bus and street route planning, electronic travel aid training, and supplemental dog guide training.

Supported Employment Program

The Supported Employment Program utilizes the Lighthouse’s specially trained Employment Advocates to empower people who are blind with other disabilities in continuing and expanding their career.

Technology Training Center

The Technology Training Center (TTC) offers fully accessible computer stations to DeafBlind employees and community members, along with individual courses taught by our DeafBlind instructor.

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