Dexter Gibb’s story is one of resilience, determination, and finding purpose in his work despite facing vision loss.

His journey at the Lighthouse began four years ago when he began as a Production Worker at our Summerville, South Carolina location. This position allowed him to contribute to the creation of essential parts for aerospace companies and the military. He describes the feeling of fulfillment that comes from working with equipment and machinery, allowing him to remain hands-on and engaged.

Dexter’s enthusiasm for his work shines through as he shares his favorite aspects. He has found a deep connection with the equipment used for assembly. His fascination with becoming a CNC operator is evident; he highlights the thrill of working with machinery that cuts metal and the tactile experience it provides.

Overcoming Challenges

Dexter’s journey has not been without its challenges. He lost his sight due to a gunshot in 1989. The adjustment was tough, requiring him to relearn many things. However, with unwavering support from his family, he managed to navigate this difficult period.

Empowering Employment

After facing rejection in the job market due to misconceptions about his abilities, Dexter’s life took a positive turn when he discovered the Lighthouse. At the Lighthouse he found more than just employment, he found a sense of belonging and purpose. The adaptive equipment and understanding environment allowed him to thrive, and he found comfort in his work. Learn more about the accommodations available at the Lighthouse >>

Dexter’s story serves as a powerful reminder that challenges can be transformed into opportunities. His dedication to his work, his commitment to learning, and his openness to embracing new experiences shine through as he continues to excel in his role.