As a production worker with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), Gregory Wilson’s story is one of determination, adaptation, and personal growth. Despite being diagnosed with a progressive eye disease, Gregory has transformed his life, built a family and is pursuing a fulfilling career.

Challenges and Adaptations

Gregory’s journey started with uncertainty. Living with RP, he faced countless challenges throughout his life. As a child, he faced difficulties, like struggling to play baseball and the need for assistance to navigate events, leaving him unsure about what the future held for him.

In his early twenties, Gregory’s life took a meaningful turn when he found a stray dog on the streets. His natural love for animals led him to care for the dog and learn how to train her. This experience inspired him to help others enhance their relationship with their dogs.

Gregory started his journey as a dog trainer, offering his services to dog owners in his community.

However, as RP continued to affect his vision, Gregory encountered more challenges. “With the loss of more of my center vision, I was no longer able to have sharp attention to detail. With my disease furthering, I began to lose opportunities.”

The limitations in his vision made it increasingly difficult to take on new clients. On top of these challenges, he was blessed with a healthy baby boy. The need to provide for his growing family became his primary focus.

A New Beginning at the Lighthouse

Uncertainty loomed over his future until an unexpected discovery changed everything. Gregory found a video about the orientation and mobility program at the Lighthouse.

He was intrigued and reached out to learn more about this remarkable organization that offered opportunities and support for individuals like him.

“Before, I was in the dark as to where to go or what exactly is out there for people who are blind,” he shares. “Thanks to the Lighthouse, I have a chance at a real career,” shares Gregory.

Embracing Meaningful Work and Career Development

Gregory has thrived at the Lighthouse, not only in production work but also by fostering a strong sense of community. He values the opportunity to interact with his colleagues, sharing their stories and motivations. He finds solace in knowing that he has a place at the Lighthouse and contributes to a meaningful mission that provides opportunities for people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities.

At The Lighthouse, Gregory’s growth has extended beyond production work. He’s actively participating in the Workforce Development program, a testament to his commitment to self-improvement and career advancement.

“Having training and opportunities means the world to me,” he notes.

Learn about the Workforce Development Program >>

Gregory Wilson’s journey from uncertainty to success is a testament to his unwavering determination and the Lighthouse’s commitment to empowering people who are blind. With his family by his side and the support of the Lighthouse community, Gregory continues to light up his path to success, illuminating the way for others with disabilities to follow.