Shawn Dobbs and John Lewis are not only employees of the year, they’re also examples of the opportunities available at the Lighthouse for upward mobility.

Upward mobility is a key tenet in the Lighthouse mission. Our training programs and leadership opportunities are in place to ensure that employees can not only thrive in their current roles, but can also advance their careers, should they choose to do so.

In 2018 Shawn was selected to participate in NIB’s Business Management Training class, an intensive, graduate level course. Later that year, Shawn was promoted to become Senior Director of Talent Acquisition.

“If you’re going to help people, I believe it’s not just knowledge that you need. It’s empathy and it’s understanding. So, for me, having a multitude of experiences has been important. It’s helped not only to shape who I am as a person, but also when I talk to other people who are blind,” he notes.

“Being at the Lighthouse has really allowed me to grow in leadership.” – Shawn Dobbs, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

Shawn Dobbs, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, a light skinned man with salt and pepper hair stands holding a white cane and smiling.
Shawn Dobbs, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition
John Lewis, Production Lead, a light skinned man with salt and pepper hair and beard sits outside on a bench, smiling.
John LewisProduction Lead

John Lewis has a rare disease called Behcet Syndrome and joined the Lighthouse team in 2018. He had never worked in manufacturing before, however John learned quickly. Now as Production Lead, John has the opportunity to train and encourage other employees.

“The impact this job has had on me is more spiritual,” John shares. “I feel that I was guided here. It’s just made such a big impact to my life.”