DeafBlind Program Manager Keith Clark

DeafBlind Program Manager Keith Clark

Growing up, he attended public school in a Deaf program until fifth grade when he moved to a deaf residential school. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Gallaudet University.

After earning his master’s degree, Keith landed an internship and eventually a full time job with a Deaf community center in San Francisco. He worked as a therapist there for five years before moving to Seattle. He had been aware of the Lighthouse for most of his life and found out about the position opening through the DeafBlind community.

Keith’s job at the Lighthouse involves overseeing different services and programs for employees who are DeafBlind and for the DeafBlind community. The programs include DeafBlind Community Classes, independent living instruction, employee support services, training and development, and the annual DeafBlind Retreat.

“I also work closely with the interpreting department because of how involved they are in the daily lives of DeafBlind employees. There is also a housing specialist who works with DeafBlind people.” Not all report to Keith but they are all associated with the DeafBlind program. “We work together to support employees and community members,” says Keith.

One of Keith’s favorite parts about working for the Lighthouse is the people and community here. “I like interacting with all sorts of different people every day, out in the community and the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse has a strong DeafBlind community, and that is partially because we are not just focused on employment here. The Lighthouse is not only the number one employer of people who are DeafBlind in America, it is also an important part of the DeafBlind community in Seattle.”

The Lighthouse is excited to have someone as talented and dedicated as Keith to be working here with us!