Congratulations to Greg Brown! Greg has celebrated his 25th anniversary at The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. He has been working at the Lighthouse since 1997. However, his first experience dates back to his high school years when he worked in the machine shop the summer of 1975. He came back in 1989 and then started working full-time in 1997. Then, he worked in the swing shift aerospace department and making parts for the military after September 11, 2001. Currently he works in the mold shop, making parts for canteens and paper trimmers.

Greg Brown stands next to the control panel of a large machine. He is light skinned, with a bald head, wearing large thick framed glasses.

In his earlier days, Greg had some experience working in other jobs like telemarketing and insurance companies. Unfortunately, they were all on straight commission and he needed a salary. So, he came back to the Lighthouse where he could work regular hours and be confident in his position as his Glaucoma progressed.

He remembers that many of the people he started with are now gone, retired, or passed away, and he feels sad about that. However, he likes his job at the Lighthouse, and even though the Lighthouse has changed over the years, it still feels like home.

Greg Brown’s experience shows that a job can provide stability, a sense of community, and a place to belong. It is an essential part of his life, and he has been dedicated to the Lighthouse for a quarter of a century. Congratulations, Greg! Thank you for all you have contributed to the Lighthouse!

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