Karolann Elliott working

Karolann Elliott

Communication is Karolann Elliott’s greatest challenge – unable to speak or hear, Karolann knows some basic sign language and explores everything by touch but ultimately she is dependent on others to engage with her and delights in those connections. She has a unique way of identifying people she knows, she touches their thumbnail on their right hand.

She loves working at the Lighthouse and rarely gets sick or misses a day. In fact, each year Karolann donates back to the Lighthouse around 100 hours of her paid time off to help coworkers in need.

Karolann likes things in order at home. She does her own laundry, makes her own lunch, and can take care of her personal needs independently. On non-work days, it takes some coaxing to get Karolann out of bed, but when those days include swinging at the park, shopping, or getting a mani and pedi, she really enjoys it.

Disneyland is one of her favorite places on earth, Karolann has gone many times and enjoys riding the roller coasters over and over again. During the Spring and Summer, she does activities with Outdoors for All including kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking. She also loves camping and riding the train.

Karolann thrives on routine, and fortunately, part of that routine is her working at the Lighthouse where she has been employed for 38 years. The Lighthouse may give Karolann a place to belong and have purpose, but it is she who is really doing the giving.