Submitted by Chelsea Armstrong, Production Worker

Chelsea smelling the flowers at Ethel L. Dupar's Fragrant Garden

Chelsea smelling the flowers at Ethel L. Dupar’s Fragrant Garden

Smells are like music of their own; some notes are quite distasteful, others rather pleasant to the nose. As I was walking down the hallway at the Lighthouse, the smell of coffee greeted my nose, reminding me of an office building, mixed heavily with printer ink and lunches in the breakroom. As I continued down the hallway the smell of machines, hot plastic, and dust particles met my nose, causing it to wrinkle, just a little.

Stepping outside, I breathed a sigh of satisfaction. Fresh, clean, silky cool air filled my nostrils, telling me rain was on its way. Ah, now walking with a bounce in my step, I sing cheerfully as I walk toward the other building to gather up my things. The smell of cigarette smoke from last break mingles with the heavy recycled plastic as I walk through the tunnel and re-emerge on the other side. More dust particles and building smells greet me as I walk through the door.

Later on, during my commute home, a bouquet of sweet smelling things greet me as I walk into the ferry terminal. Sniff, sniff, sniff. What’s that? Mmmm… Popcorn. Possibly ice cream cones? Freshly baked cookies? Ah… Subway is to my left calling me over with the scent of its freshly baked bread. Some people in line wear heavy perfume. I smell lightly of cucumber and berries. Ah… Oh and the sea breeze! Here it gently caresses my senses with its wild care-free nature.

Life, indeed is good. Each day if compared only by smell is either quite similar, or entirely different. Though I may not see the things around me clearly, God has given me a nose that can see for me. Some things I wish could be “Unseen,” while other things I wish I could capture the sweet aroma and revisit when I need something good to bury my nose into.

My favorite smell today was the fresh late September air mixed with a spicy wildflower scent as I was walking around this morning after my appointment at work. I found a bounce in my step and lifted my face towards the heavens, thankful for being given this moment to drink in this creation.

So I ask you, what was your favorite smell today?