DeafBlind Employee Support Services Coordinator – Seattle, WA

Work in our acclaimed DeafBlind Program! The primary purpose of this position is to coordinate support services for Lighthouse employees or potential employees who are DeafBlind or blind and Hard of Hearing.

Responsibilities of this position include, but at not limited to:

  • Provide work-related support to DeafBlind employees. Understand policies and be able to explain them to DeafBlind employees.
  • Know community resources, including housing and refer DeafBlind employees when needed
  • Support HR with recruitment of DeafBlind individuals. Act as liaison with HR department. This might include setting up interviews, filling out forms, and explaining benefits.
  • Provide and support coordination of various training and development. This includes scheduling and setting up DeafBlind Awareness Training, job specific training for individuals and groups, and DeafBlind Program related training.
  • Attend and support DeafBlind Community Class and DeafBlind Retreat.

Requirements of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Deep knowledge of DeafBlind people, language, and history
  • Fluency in Protactile and ASL
  • 3 years experience in DeafBlind community, with emphasis on advocacy
  • Demonstrated ability to advocate and support others to self-advocate
  • Motivation to learn about DeafBlind resources locally and nationally

Read the full job description for the DeafBlind Employee Support Services Coordinator open position at the Lighthouse and apply now.

Our Commitment to the DeafBlind Community:

All DeafBlind Program services offer a safe, supportive, and respectful environment. Above all, we focus on providing linguistically and culturally appropriate services. Our goal is to ensure maximum respect, autonomy, choice, and control over matters impacting each participant. We achieve this by living our values of Communication, Culture and Community!

Learn more about Lighthouse’s Accessibility Program, which ensures accessible work environments and workplace accommodations for all employees. The Accessibility Program exists to provide the necessary equipment, human supports, information, technology and training to meet our employees’ needs while at work.